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Abducted Imp King

The king of a race living in a time of lost hope where a robotic parasitic alien encounter works around the clock to infect their world. Little does this king know that there are stronger forces lurking in the shadows backing this vicious attack.

As I shaped this creature I thought deeply about how the mechanical or technological aspect of the design would come into play. I know I wanted to play on Fantasy and Sci-Fi within the same design and I really wanted it to be a smooth integration. I came up with a solution for the technology which sparked from my interests in parasitic or symbiotic relationships where one relies on the other or one is controlled by the other. I also did not want this parasite to be of the norm, being of a more organic creature form. I wanted this more organic robotic feel. This lead to thinking of a weaker alien race with higher intelligence and sophistication that would reside in space somewhere.

The lurking alien race developed a cellular level nanotechnology that is programmed to act like a parasite that would rebuild major sections of the Imp bodies. Taking control of the heart and brain and expanding outward. The longer the infection is in the host the stronger the infected imp becomes as it progressively rebuilds itself to respond to the surrounding environment and encounters. Making it almost impossible for the imps to fight the infected and infection. One can tell how badly an Imp is infected by how much of the technology is exposed on the exterior of the body.

The Imps being more of a spiritual nature look to the earth or surrounding environment for answers. Leading me to believe that there is one imp out there on this planet with the answer to their survival.

The Abducted Imp King