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The Keeper

The Keeper was one of my very first poly paint and BPR pass experiences in Zbrush. I really loved how the sculpt turned out. I was going for an intelligent attractive alien that can capture an essence of humility and calmness. As she progressed the story really started to present itself.

She is looked up to by her race as a goddess. A very small amount of her people are born with the knowledge capacity and mind reading capabilities that she possesses. She is so intelligent that she can predict the future for most situations but there are flaws in her abilities or time ripples that she cannot control. She must be deemed worthy of her status like the Dalai Lama. Being induced at a young age to rituals where she is constantly tested and pushed for the greatest outcome possible. Through this she was not broken and overcame the mind breaking tests with ease and her potential is unknown. Her people pray and come to her for her wisdom in swarms by the day. Even people from other galaxies find any means of travel necessary to meet her. She stores some of the galaxies deepest and darkest secrets. Many people have attempted to assassinate or kidnap her but she is usually one step ahead.

The Keep of Wisdom