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Sculpted and poly-painted in Zbrush. Composite created in Photoshop.

Zantlu was an eight hour head bust sketch. Not much thought went into it as much as some of the other projects. I created him live on my Twitch stream. I knew I wanted to go more Aquatic or Amphibious. Thinking further that there might be something hiding in greater freshwater lakes on other planets. When I was sculpting this I had images of what Atlantis creatures would look like but at the same time I wanted to veer away from such an overly saturated subject.

I turned towards something freshwater, where these creatures could live underwater and above. Not just eating fish but also ground prey. Making them a little more elusive, mysterious, and possibly show some sophistication. I see them being on the level of the Greeks or Romans. Zantlu being part of the royal bloodline but not being high up. He would not be a king or a peasant but possibly the hand of the King or something equivalent to that.