The Dwellers

Josh marlar quadrapedcrustinsectoid 000 v001 0332
Josh marlar quadrapedcrustinsectoid 001 v001 0603
Josh marlar dwellers modelsheet v002
Josh marlar dwellers modelsheet nocolor v002

These creatures were supposed to be a smaller project that I started on my Twitch stream. I originally planned to only do a head bust but I was enjoying it so much I decided to create a bipedal creature which eventually transformed into a quadruped.

The initial design was inspired by Goliath Beetle Grub, worms, and crustaceans. I was aiming for a creepy rock dwelling creature that usually hunts or attracts its prey in dark areas or at night. Initially there were no plans for eyes but I felt like it needed some frontal eyes just to give it additional form and some additional creepy. These eyes were meant to be very small as I planned on it having very poor vision, mostly close range, because of the night hunting and scavenging i.e. their name, The Dwellers. They are more of a “I don’t really need to chase you but I will if I have to.” type creature.